How to improve English speaking skills at home during downtime

English speaking skills at home can be fun and productive because there is no pressure to go out to learn those things. Most people are working from home or continuing their studies from home itself. This leaves everyone with a lot of spare time because the commute time to work or school has been cut down from our daily schedules.

When you are at home all day, you can use the time to improve various skills and become more productive so that once the downtime is over; you can hit the ground running!

You can dedicate some time every day and progress at your own pace or speed. One of the best ways to improve your English speaking at home is to read aloud from your favourite book.

Improve English and Prep for GRE, IELTS, SAT and other competitive exams. More than 1000 English words are provided with meaning and examples on how to use it along with phonetics. Master your vocab one word a day and mark your favourite words. Test your English by taking up free quiz in Basic, Medium and Advance levels. And the best news is, it’s all for free. Word a day is the best free App to learn English, one word a day. No Stress of learning.

Not only will you get to know about what all is going on around the world during the downtime but also better your English speaking sitting at home. You can read out the stories written in English as the game progresses, but this is sure to be more fun if you are playing with someone in a group.

This is the time when most people are watching a lot of TV series and movies at home because of the downtime. So choose your favourite British TV series or movies and watch them closely with the subtitles on. Read aloud the lines in the same way the actors are speaking them onscreen to improve your English speaking skills while also enjoying a good show.

Here we are providing some tips &advice to improve your spoken English Skill:

  • Talk to yourself.

  • Reading books loudly.

  • Listening to audio & video books.

  • Speaking with family and friends member in English.

  • Test your English knowledge using different levels of quiz

  • Helpful for preparing for competitive exams such as IELTS, GRE, SAT

Tip: Word a day - Improve English is the best app to improve your vocabulary. It, has an feature of Quiz Game which keep tuning to improve your English vocabulary as well playing word game. Get ready for competitive exams. To download app click on below links.

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