Vocabulary Building – A Word A Day

A Word a Day is a great habit and for the English language learner to adopt and it’s also a pretty effortless and fun way to expand your vocabulary. Here are some tips for learning A Word A Day (AWAD), which will ensure you have a great vocabulary before long!

A word a day best practices

1. Select a new word, and then use it in a conversation or written sentence the same day.

Once you understand the meaning of the word, try to relate it to something which is familiar to you, and then use it in your own sentence. Do this with whenever you learn a new word a day.

2. Study the different grammatical forms of a new word.

Take the word ‘drive’ – this is both a verb: to drive and a noun: I am going on a drive. Its adjective form is driven. Driver can also be a noun (the driver of the blue car). Not all words have all grammatical forms. Here, it is useful to have a good English dictionary at your side.

When you have read and understood different variations of a new word a day, make a sentence with each one.

3. Do word associations

Try and associate the word with other things (like a mind map) – this helps you to remember the new word. For example, if you have the new word FOOTBALL (a noun),

Think of nouns associated with the word (soccer, game, ball, and goal)

Think of verbs associated with the word (to kick, to pass, to score, to win, to lose, to bite (!))

Think of adjectives to describe it (fast, beautiful, and popular)

Think of examples of the word (Manchester United, Luis Suarez)

4. Carry a notepad with you

If you see a new word while going about your day – while riding on the bus, train, in a restaurant – write it down and look up its meaning on your smartphone.

5. Look for examples on the internet

There are a lot of languages or educational websites that offer AWAD (A Word A Day). Some are specifically designed for learners of English as a Second Language. Or, you can just enter a word in a search engine (such as Google) and write down some sentences that come up that contain that word.

To really remember a word you need to reuse that word over and over before it sticks in your long-term memory. So make sure you include that word in your communication regularly until it is stuck in your brain! Try the A Word A Day AWAD exercise, and expand your vocabulary one day at a time.

It helps us understand others, and convey meaning effectively. A deep vocabulary allows you to be more intentional about your message. And no matter your job title, the right words minimize the contextual gray areas that derail tasks, meetings, and projects.

There are dozen vocabulary-building apps and resources, along with handful of research-based strategies for remembering what you learn.

vocabularybuilder.in and vocabularybuilder.co.uk brings an app for you

(iOS and Android)

Word of the day - flash cards app the idea behind this is very simple. Learn new English word daily and do your best to use that daily word in your conversations. Until and unless you use that daily English word in your conversation, you cannot improve your command over the language. Start playing with quiz, as you play, we figure out which word you know and which one you need a little help with. We keep practicing with you until you master the tough ones.

Vocabularybuilder.in and vocabularybuilder.co.uk is a platform of lifelong learning, growing with you every step of the way. As you improve, the words that you learn will become more and more advanced. Learning daily vocabulary builder you can always look back to see how far you have come to success.

Tip: Word a day - Improve English is the best app to improve your vocabulary. It, has an feature of Quiz Game which keep tuning to improve your English vocabulary as well playing word game. Get ready for competitive exams. To download app click on below links.

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